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Day in the Life: Hazel Wallace, MBBCh

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Day in the Life: Hazel Wallace, MBBCh   Dr. Hazel Wallace is the founder of The Food Medic. She is a qualified medical doctor, best-selling author, and health writer. She is also a qualified personal trainer and is currently pursuing a masters in clinical nutrition and public health. She started ‘The Food Medic’ blog in 2012, as a medical student, in a …

Olivia Orr

Day in the Life: Olivia Orr

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Day in the Life: Olivia Orr Olivia Orr is a CrossFit Star and college student from Boston, Massachusetts. She loves to share her wellness journey and inspire others through her blog and social media channels. Her website, Happy Healthy Wellness, is filled with tantalizing healthy recipes and daily sources of inspiration. Here is how Olivia plans her day and keeps the mental …