Episode 33: Ali Abdaal, MD

Owaves TeamBody Clock Podcast

Ali Abdaal is a medical doctor who graduated from the the University of Cambridge, and also a Youtuber with over 1.2 million subscribers. Ali talks about productivity, tech and entrepreneurship.

Episode 30: Tom Stubbs, PhD, Founder of Chronomics

Han TranBody Clock Podcast

Tom Stubbs, PhD has a background in cellular biochemistry, molecular biology, and epigenetics. With his extensive background, he created an epigenetics company called Chronomics in December 2017 to help people lead a quality lifestyle based on their results.

Episode 28: Pierre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin

Han TranBody Clock Podcast

Dr. Pierre Fournier combines his knowledge in business analytics, economics, and management with his technological prowess to develop and operate his company, Hexoskin. He strives to utilize wearable health sensors and AI technology to make a difference in health care.

Episode 26: Benjamin Smarr, PhD

Scott ParishBody Clock Podcast

Dr. Benjamin Smarr combines his experience in research focused on developing personalized, predictive tools for future medicine and education to specialize in circadian rhythm, sleep and computational biology at a postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley.