Episode 15: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, DO , Physician and Professional Fitness Model

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Dr. Gabrielle is a New York Physician who practices muscle centric medicine and is an expert in metabolic health. She was also a nationally ranked figure competitor and is an inspiring and resilient individual who shares some transformative motivational concepts. In this episode we discuss muscle physiology, the importance of protein and the mindset needed to rise to challenges in life.

Episode 14: Cameron Nichol, MD, Olympic Rower and founder of RowingWOD

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Dr. Cameron Nichol is a former Olympic Rower for Team GB and two time silver medalist. He is a doctor and founder of RowingWOD, a programmes based start up which combines the best of Rowing and CrossFit. In this episode we discuss the mental and physical demand of the Olympics and how this learning can be applied to The regular person.

Calendar integration is here! 🎉

Owaves Team Announcements, Apps, Updates

Hi Folks, Incredibly proud & happy to report Calendar integration is now complete! Connect Owaves with your Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Facebook Events, and more… We also have a new, full-screen Events page for your Notes, Alert settings, timed Photos, and customized Icons. The new, full-screen Events page also includes one of our most popular requests — …

Episode 12: Molly Maloof, MD, Physician and Innovation Expert

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Dr. Molly is a practicing physician and health technologist in the Bay Area. Dr. Molly is on a mission to radically extend healthspan and maximize human potential using scientific wellness, health technology, educational media, & health optimization medicine. Her fascination with innovation permeates her concierge medical practice that is focused on providing personalized medicine to entrepreneurs, technology executives, and investors.

Episode 9: Special Guest: Alan Flanagan, MS, Nutritionist from Ireland

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

The United Kingdom represents on this episode, with Drs. Haroon and Sohaib leading a meaningful discussion on circadian nutrition with budding Dublin-based expert Alan Flanagan. Alan is an embodiment of holistic nutrition and well-being, and lends his advice into constructing a daily routine and optimizing your rhythm with nutrition.

Episode 8: Body Clock and Mental Health

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Owaves scientific advisor and circadian rhythm scientist Dr. Ben Smarr recently published an article on body clock and college student performance. Listen to Drs. Haroon, Sohaib and Royan dissect his illuminating article and discuss the novel concept of “chronocounseling”.