Episode 4: Introducing Dr. Regan

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Regan Stiegmann, DO, MPH, VP of Innovation at Owaves and ACLM Champion is a newly minted Preventive Medicine physician, who was recently recognized nationally as Preventive Medicine Resident of the Year in 2017 with the Dom Gemson Award presented by the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM). She is a Captain in the United States Air Force and just started working in Colorado as a Flight Surgeon. She serves as Young Director for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Board of Directors as well as the Executive Liaison for the ACLM’s Professionals in Training Executive.

Episode 3: Introducing Dr. Royan

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Founder and CEO of Owaves, Dr. Royan Kamyar, MD, MBA discusses his passion for circadian rhythms, lifestyle medicine and mindfulness. Hear a bit about the journey behind Owaves, and why we are on a mission to revolutionize time.

Episode 2: Introducing Dr. Sohaib

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Sohaib Imtiaz, MD, MPH is a board-certified physician in lifestyle medicine from the United Kingdom who ranked among the top 10 students nationally in statistics, business studies, and information technology. He focuses on lifestyle medicine while exploring technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Sohaib chose to study in his hometown of Manchester in order to prioritize his well-being and relationships. He believes in prevention and in ‘Supra-Health,’ the ability to optimize our health.

Episode 1: Introducing Dr. Haroon

Owaves Team Body Clock Podcast

Haroon Kazem, DC is a Doctor of Chiropractic based in San Diego, CA. He’s an evidence-based healthcare practitioner that utilizes chiropractic treatment and philosophy to better his patients’ health one adjustment at a time.

Dr. Regan Stiegmann Joins Owaves to Launch
Clinical Pilots

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Encinitas, CA (July 24, 2018) – Regan Stiegmann, D.O., MPH, American College of Lifestyle Medicine Board Member and leading preventive and lifestyle medicine specialist, will join Owaves’ team as its Vice President of Medical Affairs. Her first initiative is to launch Owaves’ clinical pilot studies proving efficacy of the platform. “I’m big on proactive health maintenance, not reactive disease management,” announces Dr. …

Take Two Emojis and Call Me in the Morning ☀️🍎

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Encinitas, CA (May 10, 2018) – Four years after the inventor of the cell phone called Owaves the “killer app for wearables”1, the Southern California start-up continues to revolutionize time around the Nobel Prize-winning science of circadian biology. Today, with over 8 million healthy activities planned, the company announces the latest update of its iPhone and Apple Watch apps to its global …

Olympians Stay Fit on the #RoadToRio

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The 5,000-mile journey across multiple time zones to Rio de Janeiro can flag even the toughest olympians. A hallmark study from Stanford published in Sleep shows even NFL players can lose to jet lag. Not to mention the sweltering Brazilian heat… So at the climax of four years of dedicated training, what do Olympic and Paralympic athletes do to prepare for the …

Hillary vs. Bernie: Who Plans a Better Day?

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The office of Presidency demands discipline, foresight and creative thinking. Who handles their time better day-to-day? Hillary’s Day Hillary Clinton set records as Secretary of State for most miles traveled (1 million) and most countries visited (112). As released by the government, her daily schedule was approximately 9-to-5 with meetings down to five minute intervals planned in detail. Granted, Hillary is reliant …

Support Startups

Support Your Local Startup

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Dear All, We need your support! Changing the world isn’t easy. Our friends below are taking on the monumental task of making the world a better place, one start-up at a time… Please take a moment to learn more by clicking on all the ones you like… Four are based in Southern California, and the fifth in Brooklyn, NY. ALL are focused …