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Owaves is a start-up founded in Encinitas, California. Our mission is to help you PLAN and FOCUS on your health and wellness goals. Our team integrates top-tier talent from the design, engineering, and preventive medicine community.

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The Challenge

In 2005, an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded, “Unless effective population-level interventions to reduce obesity are developed, the steady rise in life expectancy observed in the modern era may soon come to an end and the youth of today may, on average, live less healthy and possible even shorter lives than their parents.” This is arguably the biggest red flag our generation is facing today, as we strive to make the world a better place for our children; and our children’s children.

Lifestyle Vital Signs

Fortunately, Eastern and Western health experts agree that 80% of today’s chronic disease epidemic is entirely preventable through a healthy lifestyle. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine outlines five “lifestyle vital signs” necessary for a long, healthy life: exercise, sleep, nutrition, stress management, and love/social.

The research is backed by pioneers such as Dr. Dean Ornish, faculty at UC San Francisco, and the Blue Zone studies by Dan Buettner and National Geographic.

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Wellness GPS

Wellness GPS integrates tracking devices and apps that will compare your day plans with your actual results. Synchronize with a smartwatch or your favorite wearable to get continuous guidance and feedback throughout the day.

Our patent-pending lifestyle management system is inspired by our founder’s experience as a medical intern in Manhattan. It combines elements of lifestyle medicine, circadian biology and mindfulness… read more.

Catch the Wave

Folks involved include: physicians, Olympic athletes, circadian biologists, yoga instructors and of course; designers and engineers. We hope you’ll join our international wellness community and be part of the healthy wave for change. Please leave comments on the blog, follow our social media channels, and subscribe to our newsletter. Mahalo!

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